The use of antler baths technologies in sanatoriums of JSC "RZD-ZDOROVIE"

October 23-24, 2017, Moscow, at the III International Congress "Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy. Rehabilitation. Sports medicine" a great interest was caused in the information "Application of the technology of antler baths in sanatoria of JSC "RZD-ZDOROVIE".

In the sanatorium "Transsib" a unique elixir of health - antler decoction - has been successfully used for 17 years already. It is prepared directly in the sanatorium of the red deer antlers.

Antler baths are effective in treatment of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular and nervous systems and certain skin diseases. Also, this method has shown its effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of pathology of the reproductive system.

In addition to the baths, SPA wraps with a pant decoction, procedures in "pantovyh barrels" are held in the sanatorium, after which, the skin condition improves significantly, the toxins accumulated in the body are actively removed, and the body's immune defense increases.

The report on the effectiveness of the application of medical techniques with the use of pantal decoction was also presented by the chief doctor of the sanatorium "Transsib" V.S. Tarabrian summer of 2017 at the All-Russia forum "ZDRAVNITSA-2017".

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