Sanatorium Transsib

Slavskogo, 57, Belokurikha, Altai region, 659900

About sanatorium

The Transsib Health Resort, which lies in Belokurikha river valley of Altai mountain ranges, has been popular since the late 1900s.

Belokurikha is surrounded by mountains from all sides. It’s almost never windy at the resort, sun shines on average 260 days a year. The climate is mild, there are no sudden temperature fluctuations, the winter is comfortable (average temperature in January is 16°C) and the summer is warm (average temperature +20°C). The mountains are covered with mixed forest vegetation, mostly pine trees. The air is saturated with charged air ions beneficial to human health.

Belokurikha’s main attraction is the abundance of radon springs, containing multiple curative compounds: nitrogen, silicon, micro quantities of radon, as well as fluorine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, hydrogen carbonate and sodium sulfate. The springs bring water up from the depth of 100-400 meters. The water originating from rock cracks is incredibly pure and beneficial to human body. At Transsib resort we use the latest medical treatment methods and modern equipment.

The resort guests offered unique antler baths - antler baths on Altai have been widely spread for many centuries as one of the most efficient treatments for radiculitis, stomach ulcer, atherosclerosis of limbs, rheumatism, muscle dystonia, impotence and many other diseases.

The resort specializes in musculoskeletal and connective tissue diseases, circulatory and nervous system disorders, and urological problems, skin and subcutaneous tissue infections.